Category: Small Tips

  • Squeezing Memory out of Caffe

    No, I am not talking about thinking of the good old days with a cup of drink. Today we are talking about our recent release of a new feature in our modified version of deep learning toolbox, Caffe. In this release, we have implemented the functionality usually referred to as “memory multiloading”. A Wiki…

  • 自动维护的文章列表

    下面这个网站提供基于DBLP自动生成嵌入式文章列表的功能。这样在自己的主页上就可以嵌入一个不需要维护的文章列表了,还是很方便的。 我的大概长这样 Yuanjun’s publication

  • MPI Broadcast

    One interesting answer I saw on Stack Overflow. Someone asked how he can receive the msg send by `MPI_Bcast`. The answer is This is a common source of confusion for people new to MPI. You don’t use MPI_Recv() to receive data sent by a broadcast; you use MPI_Bcast(). For MPI collective communications, everyone has to particpate; everyone has to call…

  • Windows从当前位置打开Cmd.exe