[For CUPSA] Create Google Form and Record Response on Google Drive

Some are asking me for help building survey forms. Actually it’s very simple and automated due to Google’s hard work. Here is a brief tutorial on creating forms and handling responses. These operations can all be done using Google Drive.

Google Drive

is a google cloud service. Want to use it? Click Here. Their introduction says like this

After registration and login, you will see the console like this

Create forms

Our task is to build a survey form, so click the “Create” button on the left top of console, and choose “form” like this

Then we will see a dialog asking you to name the form and choose the theme of the form like this

After this, we come to the creation of the form, the window will consist of a controller bar like this

and the initial form itself. This form have only one item

We can choose the type of the item by clicking the type button. There are a few types provided by Google.

After finishing one item, we can click “Add item” to add one more item. After a few item, the completed form will be like

Now we can ask subjects to fill the form, click SEND FORM there will be a dialog like this. The link of the form which subjects can access is shown here.

Record responses

To analyze responses to the form, we can create a spreadsheet using Google drive to store these repsonses. To do this, on the control bar of the form, click Choose Response Destination

A diaglog will show up. Use the default setting and continue.

A spreadsheet will appear in your file list

All responses will now be saved in this spreadsheet.

Cooperate with other

We may want to ask others to polish the form or retrieve results. In this condition, google provide the possibility of sharing your docs in Google drive with others.

To do this, click SHARE button on the upper right side of the form editing window. Then a dialog will show up.

We just need to add other users email address into the textbox and click Share & Save. This user will now have the access to edit the form. Same operation can be conducted on the response spreadsheet. A notification email will be sent to notify the user.

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